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The BCU Approach

The discipline of Risk Management incorporates four options:

  • Risk Avoidance – eliminate the exposure to a particular risk.

  • Risk Mitigation – reduce the exposure to or impact of risk.

  • Risk Assumption – assume the potential of loss from a risk. Also known as “self insurance”.

  • Risk Transfer – contractually place the responsibility for losses to a third party.

How the Process Works.

Understanding Your Risk Management Philosophy.

  • A personal risk summary is performed to identify your exposures to losses of tangible assets and as a result of liability judgements.

  • We then provide an analysis of how your current risk management and insurance plan address the identified exposures to loss.

  • Our risk management experts pay close attention to issues related to multi-generational family accounts, estate planning and asset ownership structure. In conjunction with your network of trusted advisors we can identify the need for other special coverages and recommend the appropriate solutions.

  • Assets titled in the name of an Estate, LLC, LLP, FLP etc all require special consideration.

  • During this process, your privacy is respected. All personal information obtained in the course of our review, including all findings and recommendations made by BCU, are completely confidential and remain your property.

  • Once our evaluation is complete BCU will provide you with a comparison of your existing plan alongside a revised plan incorporating our recommendations/options where appropriate.

  • In reviewing your existing risk management strategy and insurance coverages, we look to identify coverage gaps or redundancies, the usual result of multiple insurance policies placed with several different insurance companies and/or insurance agents.

Network of Experts

BCU also affiliates with leading industry experts and top specialized service firms in support of addressing our client’s unique risk needs. These services include:

  • Asset Appraisal & Inventory

  • Personal Security and Identity Theft Protection

  • Claims Resolution

  • Our Culture

  • We always place our client’s interests first.

  • We will consistently provide our clients with ongoing, distinctive advice and counsel.

  • We believe in continuity of contact.

  • As expert advisors our knowledge is current and topical.

  • We do the right thing because it is the only thing.